About Robin

Robin attended her first childbirth in 1971. She was living in Israel during college and was asked to support a couple from France with the birth of their child. In their culture, women birthed with midwives and women supported women. It was an instinctive birth as this woman grew up hearing that childbirth was a normal, natural event. The following year, Robin enrolled in a Registered Nursing Program. At that time, dads were separated from their wives; women were prepped and medicated and were afraid of childbirth. Robin knew that there had to be a better way.

In 1975, while living in Hawaii, Robin began her career doing Labor Support (now called a Doula), assisting couples to birth naturally in a hospital. In 1975 she also began practicing yoga and in 1983, during her first pregnancy, Robin was mentored by Sandra Jordan, author of Yoga During Pregnancy, and was a first trimester yogini in the book. Robin began teaching prenatal yoga at that time and saw the benefit for her students and herself throughout both pregnancy and birth. In 1986, during her second pregnancy, Robin helped choreograph and starred in a televised prenatal yoga show.

Birthing With Wisdom 2 - Robin Gruver

In 1988, Robin and her family moved to Westlake Village. She began her work as a Childbirth Educator, teaching in her home, in doctor’s offices and in hospitals. At that time she was certified by the Bradley Method®. As she progressed as a teacher, Robin became certified through ICEA, International Childbirth Education Association, which gave her the flexibility to incorporate yoga, meditation and other skills into her program.

Robin teaches several Prenatal Yoga classes a week and intertwines her knowledge of childbirth in her yoga classes. She is a mother of two amazing adult sons, Daniel and Adam, and the wife of her loving husband, Bruce. Working with pregnant moms and dads and sharing her own experiences serves as a constant inspiration for Robin.

Birthing With Wisdom 1 - Robin Gruver