Childbirth is a natural, normal event in a woman's life, perhaps the most transformative thing a woman will experience. Robin's childbirth classes help to guide a woman and her partner through this amazing event. In the class series, a Pregnant Momma is encouraged to tap into her own, “Inner Birthing Wisdom”, and empower her to trust her body's natural instinct and her inner strength, as she learns how to move through the stages of labor and surrender to the process of birth. Dads have the opportunity to derive the ability to support and comfort his partner with relaxation tools and the information that he learns.

Class topics include the process of labor and birth as well as variations and complications. The use of different positions, massage, relaxation techniques, guided visualization and breathing are offered throughout the series. Information regarding natural ways to cope with labor as well as medication options are provided. Breastfeeding is covered as one of the classes. Also included are discussions on interviewing pediatricians, postpartum preparation and adjustment, birth choices, and bonding as a couple.

Robin's CD "Meditations From Hawaii for Birthing With Wisdom" is included.

Robin uses humor, stories, demonstrations, compassion and "Jewish Motherly Wisdom" in her teaching. After the birth of the last baby in the class, Robin opens her home for a Class Reunion to share stories and take pictures. Many of her Childbirth Classes go on to form mommy and me playgroups on their own.

This class series will held on Eight Tuesday evenings (September 25th - November 13th) from 6:30-9:00pm

At BIRCH FAMILY BIRTH SERVICES, 196 West Hillcrest Drive Suite 93, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360, at the Oaks Mall, next to Destination Maternity.

Birthing with Wisdom Childbirth Class Series

For more information, or to register, please call Robin at 818-707-0894 or

$385.00 per couple.

Birthing With Wisdom - Robin Gruver


One-day workshops are offered throughout the year. These are designed for couples to reconnect with their awareness for Pregnancy and Birth. Topics covered are: labor positions, breathing, comfort skills and how to get your needs met by your care provider for an informed, involved, birth experience. Class concludes with a guided meditation. Robin's CD "Meditations From Hawaii for Birthing With Wisdom" is included. These workshops are a nice opportunity to connect as a Pregnant couple, to once again, bring a new baby into your family.

Call or email for future dates and availability.

Robin Gruver with baabies