Meditations from Hawaii for Birthing With Wisdom

Welcome to Meditations from Hawaii for Birthing With Wisdom. This is a compilation of visuals that helped me long ago on my journey through pregnancy and childbirth, and have guided many women in my prenatal yoga classes and childbirth classes through their own journeys into motherhood and beyond.

During the pregnancies of my two sons, my husband and I were living on the beach on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. The power of nature is so vivid and so tangible in the Islands, that I found my surroundings to be a great source of inspiration. I drew upon these images to bring me my strength and my sense of calm. The images reminded me how childbirth IS the power of nature! I would like to share those meditations with you.

This CD is made so that you may listen to one meditation at a time. The more often that you find time to relax, the easier it will be to have trust and relaxation as part of your labor and birth.

I hope that you find a sense of calm and stillness as you listen. And a sense of mental, physical and emotional connection with your baby! And of course, the spirit of Hawaii and Aloha!

This CD was lovingly made by Robin Gruver, ICCE, and could not have been “Birthed With Wisdom” without the beautiful musical talent, guidance, support and production of Dania Koenig and Dino Soldo.

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CD Reviews

What an amazing CD. Just listened to the soothing meditations filled with beautiful, positive and calming imagery. Robin you are truly a gifted healer. I highly recommend this CD to pregnant mommies.

Sara Rector, MFT

Don't forget to take Robin's CD with you to the hospital... I had it looping in the background for HOURS and hours during my roughest times and it really got me through!. Thank God for Robin, the baby fairy godmother!!!

Wynne Tsing

Robin, I am so grateful for your meditations from Hawaii CD! I went into such a relaxed state that I shed a few tears which I realized were from built up stress and tension that I was finally able to let go. I will be listening to your CD each night and bringing it to the hospital for my delivery:) You are truly a blessing!

Martha Wethey

Listening to my inspiration. Thank you for your wisdom and bringing aloha back into my life so I may relax and bring my baby girl into the world in the most natural way.

Giselle Shuken

Absolutely beautiful- brings me back to that incredibly magical time! Healing even now as my cellular memory draws on this special time and melts my stress. I loved that time and it is so lovely for me to relive it on such a deep level- along with the aloha touch!!! Amazing how your voice cues my body back to that time too. I will be giving these as my standard gifts to new moms... and maybe old!!! Love you and your magical artistry!