The Gruver is Groovy

I found Robin's class to be incredibly valuable. She has been an amazing mentor. She had a perfect answer for all of our questions and brought up questions we would never have thought of. She taught us how to get the experience that WE wanted and encouraged us all along the way. I had no idea how much I would learn and Robin's fun, sensitive and sassy personality was the perfect touch to keep the class entertaining. And she even brought snacks. :)

Her class helped my wife to feel strong, capable, and confident in having the natural, un-medicated birth experience that we wanted. It was great to be in a class with other couples that were going through the same thing and has been fun to keep up with them and their little humans too.

As a guy, not having a clue how to provide the emotional care necessary to support my wife, I came out feeling like a Doula champion! I felt ready to facilitate the 26 hour labor and delivery experience that brought my best little buddy into this world.

I would highly recommend this class to anyone getting ready to have a baby, no matter what kind of experience you are looking for.

Ramsay Beecher

It is easy for a husband to feel disconnected to the pregnancy and birthing experience since we do not personally experience the baby's movement and various wonders of pregnancy. Robin's classes helped me become more connected by understanding what was going on and how I can be an active partner in the experience. The knowledge she shared also helped me be a better advocate for my wife during labor so I could convey her birthing preferences to the hospital staff.

Brian Lindgren

If you are pregnant, stop what you are doing and contact Robin. It will change your life! She is a gift I wish every pregnant woman could receive! Robin will become your greatest source of knowledge and warmest advocate for a healthy baby and healthy mama. Robin physically strengthened and emotionally bolstered me through her yoga and birthing classes. Most importantly, she taught me how to live, love, and connect.

I had months of bed rest during my first pregnancy. She was a huge support and cheerleader. She has encouraged my life in too many ways to name. I met my closest friends in classes with Robin. She is magical about bringing women together.

Robin taught me skills in birthing that have found their way into all of life. "Let it go, let it go, let it go..." in her soothing voice runs through my head as I face the daily challenges of motherhood. Robin Gruver will empower you to meet your baby with confidence. Her intellect and passion will captivate your heart for years to come.

Amy Puls

I have worked with Robin for almost 15 years and am so honored to have her in my life. She has provided childbirth education, prenatal yoga and the most enormous gift of love, kindness, and compassion to so many women over the years.

After women have completed their classes with Robin, they have the greatest confidence and knowledge about their bodies and their upcoming birth. Robin's classes are medically accurate, empowering, and nurturing.

I always encourage women to take her childbirth or yoga classes because she is one of those rare people in life who is such a blessing to know. Her years of experience are invaluable when it comes to the wisdom and love she imparts.

Joyce Weckl Nurse-midwife
Camarillo, CA

As a father, I learned how important support for the mother is before, during, and after birth. Robin's class taught me about the natural birth process and how it is important and miraculous. She taught us about the many benefits of breastfeeding and different techniques, which were useful in those first weeks after our babies were born. The most important thing that I gained from her class were the hands-on comfort techniques, different labor positions, and birth affirmations so that I was able to support my wife both physically and emotionally through her labors. Robin's class helped me to love natural childbirth and showed me that I had an important role to play in that process.

Richard Bruhn

Robin Gruver is a pregnant woman’s godsend! I first met Robin when I participated in her prenatal yoga class while pregnant with my first son. I was very reluctant to give up my regular classes and about 6 months into my pregnancy, I finally decided to give her class a shot. I was amazed at how skillfully Robin combined a great yoga workout with the transcendent experience of pregnancy. She tailored each class to the individual fitness level of each participant, reminding the less experienced girls to take it easy, with guidelines on how to do so, and at the same time giving more challenging options for those with a regular practice.

Each time I left one of Robin’s classes, I felt strong and satisfied and at the same time that I had honored my journey through pregnancy. With this second pregnancy, I didn’t wait as long to start Robin’s classes again. I couldn’t wait to be in a roomful of other pregnant yogis blessing the connection between our bodies and our babies.

My husband and I also took her birth education class. Her information empowered us to have the exact natural birth we wanted in a hospital that may have been reluctant to give it to us. Thanks to Robin, I knew what to expect as my labor progressed and that in itself was a gift for a scared first-time mom. And her section on breastfeeding really helped me give my baby the start in life he deserved. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Rina Baraz Nehdar Mom to 22 month old Kaleb, 30 weeks pregnant

Robin’s birthing class was a wonder—and taught us far more than I would have ever expected to have gotten from the experience. Of course my wife, Kim, and I became quite informed about the medical realities (and exigencies) involved with the natural childbirth experience, which helped me, as a husband, to advocate for Kim while she was in “labor-land” during our actual experience.

More than this, though, and unlooked for, was the fact that Robin’s classes actually brought us together as a couple during the pregnancy in intense and surprising ways. Again, speaking as a husband, I felt so much more included and “a part of” the experience, as Robin helped us see that the men in the room had a very real and vital role to play in the birthing experience.

When our big day arrived, Kim was able to birth our daughter naturally (amazing!), and I was able to be present and involved in the process in ways I never would have imagined…. In the end, it’s not over-stating the case to say that having taken Robin’s class set the tone for our experience as parents and as a loving family. Certainly, our experience was (and remains) appreciably richer as a result of Robin’s great skill, knowledge, and holistic approach in teaching couples like us about what is (and should be) the biggest event in our lives. Robin Gruver--Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Jeff Baker Ph. D

Robin is Awesome. She is unique in her ability to connect, inspire, and empower you. She is full of information, and experience, and she shares it with passion and love. The first time I met Robin was in her prenatal yoga class. I will never forget the feeling of community she created and continues to bring. I am very fortunate to know her professionally and personally for over 7 years. I send all my pregnant ladies to her for both yoga and her prenatal birthing classes. I knew she was amazing, but when I took her class and saw how much she gave to each couple, I gained a whole new level of respect and admiration for her. She truly has a gift to give and she loves to share it.

Denise Noyer-Erez Licensed Acupuncturist, Fellow of American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine
Westlake Village, CA

Robin Gruver was an instrumental and empowering presence in my journey as a mother. Robin's confidence in the process of childbirth, women and families is an inspiring presence in our community. Any woman and family would benefit from her classes. In her yoga class she allows womens' bodies to strengthen and stretch, not only taking away the common pregnancy discomforts but also connecting womens' minds, to their bodies and spirit in preparation for childbirth and motherhood. Her childbirth classes, are full of valuable information, passion and great fun. Couples rave about their experience with Robin.

When I decided to move into a professional role in the childbirth field, Robin was right along with me, again being my mentor and believing in me.

It is an honor to have been mentored by her; the precious lessons Robin taught be were much more than you get from a normal yoga teacher or childbirth educator. Robin provides love and confidence that comes straight from her soul.

Ana Paula Markel ICCE, Certified Doula (DONA)
Los Angeles, CA

Robin’s prenatal yoga class and childbirth classes provided me with a truly unique and exceptional opportunity. Not only did she teach me how to prepare my body for childbirth, she was also a warm and loving mentor who shared her wisdom and life experiences. Robin’s classes were the highlight of my pregnancy. She paid careful attention to each and every class member to assess their individual needs and help them reach their personal goals. Robin’s maternal nature and her gift for story-telling, nurtures an environment of holistic learning. During my time in her yoga class, I learned about the power of my body and gained the courage and confidence to fulfill my dream of having an un-medicated birth.

In addition, her childbirth class provided invaluable information not only regarding the physiology of childbirth but the spiritual nature of the experience as a whole. One of the things I am especially grateful for was the opportunity to meet and bond with the other women in class. We continue to meet even after the births of our babies to share and support one another as we navigate parenthood. I cherish these new friendships. A student of Robins becomes like part of her family. She was always there for me in the days leading up to and following my delivery. Robin was a true companion during the exciting but sometimes scary adventure of pregnancy and new motherhood. I will be forever grateful. Thank you Robin!

Jenniffer Lewis Mother

Our first son’s birth did not go as we had hoped for, although I would not say our first son’s birth was a bad experience. I would say, it was all I knew and it worked for us at the time, because we now have our son, but when we got pregnant with our second son, I decided that we needed to be educated. Taking classes with Robin, taught us there was no shame in getting an epidural, or having an episiotomy, but that going natural had so many up sides that it didn’t make sense to give birth any other way. At week 32, I realized that our doctor was not supportive of our choice and I left their office. I explained to the doctor how I felt, and how the lack of support and proper bedside manner, did not make us feel comfortable or confident that our birth would go the way we wanted it to. I was done letting others make choices for me.

Intent on finding someone who would be on our side, I started searching for a new doctor....at 32 weeks!! I was fortunate enough to find one of the best doctors around (With help from Robin and the support system within Robin’s class.) From this point forward, I could not have asked for a better experience. I labored at home for as long as possible (I walked, I rested, I used our birthing ball etc.) Once at the hospital I progressed to 8cm with very little pain, because I was using the techniques taught by Robin .......then labour slowed down. I asked to have my water broken, and my doctor was caring enough to give me the time and space to make that decision on my own. 2 hours later and with only 10 minutes of pushing, our second son entered the world, healthy, alert and beautiful.

Breastfeeding with our second son has been a joy. From day one, I was prepped on what went wrong before and how I could fix it. Now I am relaxed and can enjoy being a mother of two. This time around the whole game had changed and I am so thankful to have the education I now have, and that I now get to share with those around me. The process of birth is amazing, and women have the choice to make it their own beautiful journey. Surround yourself with a support group you admire and doctors you respect. Ask as many questions as possible. At the end of the day, we all just want to have healthy, happy babies and no matter how they enter this world, the love is indescribable.

Amber Barrett Mother of Two